CATAWAMPUS STARLIGHT or "Tug" is a 2006 chunky built colt just oozing with personality. He got his stable name of "Tug" because if there is ever a loose lead rope lying around he has it in his mouth and we have had lots of fun games of "tug rope." He got his registered name because the night he was born I looked at him and saw that his star is not in the center but off to the right and his nose snip is not centered either and is off to the left. I said to him, "You're just all catawampus, aren't you?" He is out of CLOUDY GO LIGHTLY (BADGER STARLIGHT x ROSALYN BLU) and sired by COUGARAND (PEPPY SAN BADGER x DOCS YELLOW ROSE). I was breeding for the rare champagne color which was not to be but nevertheless he will make a great horse. He's inquisitive, bold and extremely people oriented. He really wants to be your friend. He's the kind of colt that just brings a smile to your face because of the silly things he does, be it chasing a bird, throwing his Jolly Ball, or playing with a hose or tug rope. He is being worked as time allows following Clinton Anderson techniques and is a quick learner. SOLD to Keri'Ann in Dayton, Nevada. Congratulations, Keri'Ann. This is the third colt you have bought from this bloodline. Thank you so much for your continued support of my horses!


Cougarand                                  Cloudy Go Lightly



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