We came of age in the heart of Van Nuys, California on a dusty block on Sepulveda Boulevard, a stone's throw away from the busy San Diego Freeway, not exactly the location where you would expect to find a rambling stables, a composite of different stalls and buildings of questionable age and integrity, with aisle ways jutting off in all different directions shaded by massive eucalyptus trees. But Sepulveda Stables became our home away from home, where we grew and flourished, not necessarily behaved ourselves but took away fond memories which we have treasured throughout our lives.

If "The Stables" was our second home then Art Kenly was our godfather. Was there ever such a character? It seemed like those years went on forever and were such a huge part of our lives but in actuality Sepulveda Stables may have only existed for perhaps 10-15 years or so. I don't know when it first opened up, but I got my first horse and was introduced to the stables Christmas of 1957 or 1958. And in the summer of 1966 it was all over. Sepulveda Stables morphed into Winner's Circle over on Roscoe Boulevard and we started to go our separate ways. Some of us have stayed connected and how we have wanted to reconnect with those we did not stay in touch with and thus the creation of this page on my web site to try to provide a portal through which we can reunite with the friends of our youth.

This is a venture that has been put together by myself, Janet Gibbs (married name King) (Coco, Prima Donna and her filly Taysee were my horses at the stables) along with Diane Burk (Pepsi) and Pam Smith (Lover Boy). So if you stumble upon this page, please do contact us. We are looking for pictures and stories which I will post here. Below you will find a link to a list of people and their horses as best we can remember, so if you can add to it that would be great. Also you will find our "Riders In The Sky" as unfortunately some of our friends and acquaintances are gone.

You can contact me at or
Diane Burk (married name Byrnes-Silva) at or
Pam Smith(married name Sargeant) at

We look forward to hearing from you down the trail.

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