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Ranch Scape
Ranch Scape Video

Waiting Out the Rain      

Winter's Raw Beauty      

Foals at play in the lush east pasture      

Fall Frolic in the East Pasture      

Summertime Flood Irrigation - Property is irrigated by
the Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District approximately
every 12-14 days from mid-April to mid-October.

Private Road to Ranch    

First Color of Fall at Ranch Entrance      

Double Rainbow over East Pasture      

Summertime Nap in West Pasture      

Steers at Irrigation Ditch      

8 Stall MD Barn
Barn has lights, automatic waterers & mats in all stalls.

Apple Tree in Fall - 1 of 3 apple trees that supplies     
bushels of apples for the horses during summer.    


Steers at the waterer      

Sunrise Ablaze upon the East Pasture       

Frosty Morning Breakfast West Pasture      

Nature's Picture Frame      

Entrance to the Ranch   
The east and west pastures flank   
the circular driveway going past the barn and leading up   
to the house and separate 3 car garage plus workshop area.    

Almond Tree in Bloom - There are 2 almond trees,
2 pecan trees and a black walnut tree.
Anyone ready for some wintertime baking?


Frosty Winter Morning    

Color Eruption from the Rose Garden    


Spring Thunderstorm A'brewing to the East       

Tree-Lined Driveway      

The Rose Garden   
The circular driveway flanks this beautiful   
rose garden and flagpole   

Irrigation Ditch   
The irrigation ditch begins near the giant cottonwood   
in the background and runs much of the length of the property.    

Back Door of Barn   
Utility road leads to the back of the barn and the hay   
& storage area. Back doors are tall enough to get   
a squeeze in for easy hay delivery.   

Roomy Barn Interior   
Raised center 16' aisle, 8 stall MD barn with varnished knotty pine stall fronts and horseshoe hooks on each door for halters & lead ropes. The barn doors slide so no obstruction to the aisle way. Electrical outlets throughout the barn along with fluorescent lighting.

Winter Moonrise over the East Pasture      

Winter Jostling      

Fall Fireworks      
This liquid amber and sour gum tree light up the fall.      
Many more fall foliage trees have been planted and      
autumn on the ranch will be spectacular!      

Blooming Time   
In addition to the apple trees there is an apricot   
and plum tree and a large blackberry bush. The blossoms are   
a delight to the eye in spring and fruit abounds in the summer.   

Where's the Dinner?      

Yellow Flowers of Early Fall      

The Cottonwood at Winter       

Backside of Barn Viewed from the East Pasture      

Fall Foliage in a Lingering Summer. Even though the liquid      
amber and the sour gum are all decked out, the summer leaves      
of the cottonwood and poplar linger, not quite ready to go.      

Winter Sunset over the West Pasture      



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