2015 Reunion
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Elliott, the Pointer brothers & Cheryl Provisor

Cheryl Provisor, Laurie Stutman and Kathy Roberts

Michele Brown, Elliott, the Pointer brothers & Laurie Stutman

Lianne Richland and Michele Brown

Our chefs for the fabulous food!

Michele Brown, Gail Goldman and Lianne Richland

Cheryl Provisor...our busy bee...always working in the kitchen

Cheryl Provisor and Laurie Stutman

Jean Singer

Jean Singer, Julie Ziegler and Lisa Stege

Lisa Stege

Rod Black talking with Sandy Oostmeyer's husband, Dee Davis

Julie Ziegler and Elliott Roberts

Elliott and Kathy's belt buckle table

Cindy McColl talking with Lana Hale and her husband Lucio Oliveri

Nancy Stott talking with Becky Tucker

Michele Brown, Steve Levine, Lianne Richland and Gail Goldman

Michele Brown, Steve Levine and Lianne Richland


Faye, Lianne Richland and Gail Goldman

Gail Goldman

Gail Goldman

Steve Levine

Lianne Richland and Faye

Elliott giving Howard Pointer some lessons

Gail Goldman

Lianne Richland

Nancy Stott and Cindy Denton

Cindy Denton

Nancy Stott

Steve Levine

Faye and Lianne Richland

Is Elliott screaming as Jerry Pointer picks up a rope?

Elliott in deep concentration

Steve Levine

Cindy Denton and Nancy Stott

Howard Pointer

Elliott and Kathy's neighbor's house is interesting!

Jerry Pointer securing his hat

Jerry Pointer cantering

Oops! Jerry Pointer loses hat

Nancy Stott


Elliott practicing

Cindy Denton

Lianne Richland and Steve Levine

Kathy Roberts


Lianne Richland


Kathy and Elliott

Kathy getting ready to rope

Kathy gets 2 back legs!!!!

Jane Sauter (left) with Nancy Stott and her husband

Elliott and Cindy Denton

Steve Levine, Howard Pointer and Gail Goldman

Lianne Richland

Faye and Lianne Richland

Elliott Roberts and Nancy Stott


Before the Party

During the Party! What a night!

Elliott, the Pointer brothers & Michele Brown

Pat Kenly and Steve Levine

Nancy Stott and husband Dick


Kathy Roberts, Pat Kenly and Elliott Roberts

The Pointer brothers, Pat Kenly, Jeanne Ponick (red sweater) Faye H. and her husband

Jean Singer and Pat Kenly

Pam Smith and Diane Burk

Cheryl Provisor, Pam Smith and Lianne Richland

Diane Burk and Faye H.


Elliott Roberts and Pat Kenly


Joan Edwards, Pat Overstreet, Mary Dukic, Nancy Ryder and Wendy Streeton

Sandy Oostmeyer and husband Dee Davis, Jerilyn Freeman (standing), Joan Edwards and Pat Overstreet


Michele Brown and Cheryl Provisor...and frosty white wine...no wonder they look so happy!

Faye H. and her huband Bob talking with Hanny Kenly and Julie Ziegler

Lianne Richland, Steve Levine and Michele Brown around the kitchen counter

Laurie Stutman, Becky Tucker and Cindy Griffith at the kitchen counter

Lianne Richland, Lana Hale and her husband Lucio and their friend

Julie Ziegler, Sue David, Jan David and Becky Tucker

Jeanne Ponick, Jerilyn Freeman and Elliott Roberts

Top Row: Jerilyn Freeman, Sue David, Cindy Griffith, Becky Tucker, Julie Ziegler, Jan David, Bottom Row: Nancy Stott, Cindy Denton, Gail Tucker

Steve Levine, Gail Goldman & Elliott Roberts

Pat Overstreet, Mary Dukic, Nancy Ryder, Sandy Oostmeyer

Pat Overstreet, Mary Dukic, Lani Cain, Sandy Oostmeyer, Nancy Ryder



Steve Levine and Lianne Richland

Steve Levine, Janet Gibbs and Lianne Richland

Back Row: Pat Kenly and Michele Brown
Front Row: Steve Levine and Lianne Richland

Mary Ryder, Jane Sauter with significant others

Back Row: Pat Kenly, Michele Brown and Janet Gibbs
Front Row: Steve Levine and Lianne Richland


Elliott Roberts and Pat Kenly

Elliott Roberts and Hanny Kenly

Jane Sauter, Wendy Streeton and Mary Ryder

Dee Davis and Cheryl Proviser

Sandy Oostmeyer, Jane Sauter, Nancy Ryder, Wendy Streeton & Mary Ryder

Janet's parking job after Saturday night's barbecue...not from drink...it had been a long 18 months
since the idea of our reunion was first born. WE DID IT!


Wendy Streeton, Nancy Ryder and Michele Brown -- The 3 owners of Topsy, together after 50 years!


Diane Burk, Pam Smith and Janet Gibbs

Becky Tucker, Julie Ziegler and Jerilyn Freeman

Pam Smith, Cheryl Proviser and Diane Burk



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