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Misty is a super sweet, curious, people-oriented filly. Out of the 3 foals born this year Misty is the one who really gravitates toward people. Wherever she is in the pasture as soon as she knows I am there she comes to me. She does have a jealous side to her though and doesn't like the idea of me giving anyone else any attention and will maneuver herself in between me and any other foal I am scratching at the time demanding all the scratches for herself. She is a graceful and pretty mover about the pasture and does awesome sliding stops and rollbacks along the fence as she is waiting her turn to go into the barn at night. She doesn't seem phased that "the boys" in the pasture are so much bigger than she is. She stands her ground and doesn't put up with their nonsense yet enjoys a good game of chase with her pasture mates.

She is a unique color and will be quite the eye-catcher with her combination of palomino and roan so she carries two color genes that she has the possibility of passing onto her foals in the years to come. She is strikingly beautiful with her full white blaze reminiscent of her sire, two tall high stockings behind and a half-stocking in the front. This filly's pedigree is loaded with world-class champions and she should certainly be one herself. With her outstanding and strong cowhorse pedigree, she could make an ideal reined cowhorse. She is sired by BIG CHEX TO CASH, one of the hottest sires around, and has been nominated to the NRHA Futurity/Derby programs and the NRBC.


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