JK GOLD AS IT GETS (also known as Gigi) has been tested by the genetics lab at UC Davis and she is homozygous for the champagne gene (see below) so all of her babies are expected to be champagnes! In 2010 Gigi will be available for embryo transfers. I am asking $2,000 not including stud fees and vet expenses. So if you would be interested in having your very own champagne by a stallion of your choosing (but upon my approval), please contact me so we can talk. JK GOLD AS IT GETS is also available for an on-site lease for breeding. Call for details.

In addition to her impressive gold color, JK GOLD AS IT GETS' pedigree contains such performance stars as TOPSAIL CODY, PEPPY SAN BADGER and COUGARAND. TOPSAIL CODY was a star in the reining world and continues to influence generations of reiners. PEPPY SAN BADGER (or "Little Peppy") was an outstanding cutting horse and one of the most influential sires ever in the industry. And of course COUGARAND is where the gorgeous champagne color comes from. COUGARAND is probably the most influential champagne stallion in the AQHA registry to date. COUGARAND has his NCHA Certificate of Ability and is the sire of cutting, reining, reined cowhorse and ranch horse winners.



Cougarand San Bar Shesa Champagne Cody





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