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Cash is a beautiful golden chestnut with lots of chrome. I have never had a chestnut or sorrel colt like him before. He has lots of warm, gold highlights and flecks of gold throughout his coat. He is definitely not a typical chestnut. I just wish the photos did him justice as they are not a true representation of this colt's unique color. It looks as though he is trying to express the panagre or mealy modifier as well with a golden muzzle, heavy gold around his eyes, in his flanks and elbow regions, and in the hindquarters, way more than what one might expect from the bleaching effects of the summer sun. He is quite handsome with all the white on his legs and his wandering star. He is heavily muscled but is extremely athletic and well balanced. He will be a powerful performance horse and will certainly draw attention to himself with his looks and body build.

Cash is also the "class clown" of the pasture and is generally the instigator of playtime. He is also quite happy just to play on his own and while the other foals are eating or sleeping Cash is oftentimes darting around the pasture keeping himself quite entertained and is totally happy with himself. He is very kind-minded and easy to work around and seems to be a quick learner. He has a lot of confidence and a natural curiosity. Sired by MATT DILLON DUN IT, Cash is eligible for the NRCHA Stakes and has been enrolled in the NRHA Futurity/Derby program as well as the NRBC. He is also eligible for the AQHA Incentive Fund. With his pedigree full of renowned world champions and producers of champions, top and bottom, I know Cash has the ability to do it all!


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