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Jerry and I met about 1959 while we were in grammar school. Jerry and Howard lived with their mom near the grocery store that my mom and dad owned. I remember spending many hours after school in their house putting little buckles on elastic straps. We got paid a penny a piece and I’m pretty sure Jerry got all the money. These straps were to hold diapers on dogs and were called “Britches for Bitches." I actually think Howard may have come up with that name.

Jerry and I got into horses and rodeo while in high school. On Friday nights you would usually find us at D Cooper's ranch in Calabasas riding bulls and bucking horses with our friend Wes Ponick. On an occasional Saturday we would do the same thing at Andy Jauregui’s ranch in Saugus. In about 1965 or 1966 our friend Wes was going to high school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jerry and I decided we needed to take a road trip and go to a couple of winter rodeos with Wes in Arizona. So Jerry and I jumped in my 1956 Chevy and headed to Arizona.

I’m not sure what happened at the rodeos, but somehow, the three of us wound up in Nogales, Mexico. I know we drank a lot of tequila and met some girls. I don’t think we got in any fights. We left Nogales the next morning but not before buying some very large firecrackers and huge cherry bombs. We headed back to Scottsdale with the radio blasting Johnny Cash, telling stories, and chewing beechnut. After awhile we came to a road side rest at the perfect time because nature was calling. None of us felt real great considering the night before. This rest stop was just one little small building with a toilet, in the middle of the desert. After we all took care of our personal needs someone thought it would be a good idea to try out some of our firecrackers.

Now you have to remember this was the 1960s and there was no traffic or anything or anybody around. After we lit off a few firecrackers someone decided we should try lighting a cherry bomb and throwing it down the toilet. So without any hesitation we did. The three of us all crammed in this little bathroom, in the middle of nowhere, lit the cherry bomb, threw it in the toilet and ran out the door. We all leaned up against the building like three army commandos. About a second after we were in position, there was a huge explosion. When the dust finally settled, we opened the door. The small rest room was a disaster. There was porcelain, water, and a lot of other stuff, not worth mentioning, all over the place.

To say the least, we were all scared “shitless." We jumped back in the car, popped the clutch, threw dirt and rocks all over, burned rubber and headed back to Scottsdale. We just knew we would get caught and go to jail. I don’t think anybody said anything for at least ten minutes. Well, we never did get caught. Not sure about Jerry and Wes, but outside of telling lies, drinking, chasing pretty girls, and getting in a few fights I’ve never done anything that bad in my whole life.

I reunited with Jerry in 2015, after not seeing each other for almost 50 years since I left Pierce College in 1968, and retold this story. Both of us remembered it the same way, so it must be true. During a day together at his home in Acton it was like we were never separated. We talked about bull riding, girls, and old friends. We told old stories and remembered some of the best times of our lives. Jerry came to the Sepulveda Stables Reunion that was held at our house October 2015. We had another three days to catch up on old times and learn more about each other. I was impressed to learn how far Jerry went with his bull riding and how successful he was in his career. Jerry always considered himself a cowboy. So remember, “God gave us cowboys, but only a few." So if you’re lucky and meet one, well, that’s God blessing you. We’ve all been blessed for knowing Jerry.

Elliott Roberts
Jerry’s friend since 1959
(Posted 11/30/15)
Elliott and his horse Squirrel won a sorting buckle
at the San Francisco Cow Palace Grand National Rodeo, October 2015

(Posted 11/12/15)
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Victoria Pickett
1953 - 2015

(Posted 11/2/2015)
It is with sadness that I need to report the passing of Vicky Pickett from a stroke in September. Faye Honorof received the news from Vicky's husband, Hanno Braun. Vicky was born on February 14, 1953 and was the youngest of the Pickett siblings following the births of her sister Michele and her brother Michael. She wanted to be an entertainer and that is what she devoted her life to, making people smile. In the 1970s she appeared on the children's TV show The Froozles. She played a pig-tailed tomboy called Muffin and interacted in different situations with her puppet friends who were made to resemble children of different ethnicities. She met her husband, Hanno, at Dell'Arte International, a school for physical theater including comedy and mime in Northern California, and she moved with him back to Berlin where they lived. She continued to perform in a variety of disciplines but seemed to get the most joy out of performing as a clown visiting patients in the hospital to help cheer them up. She will be sorely missed. Below you will find two links to Vicky bringing joy to her audiences.

The Froozles Video

The Flying Ballerina Video